1st Symposium on Cold Interactions and Collisions

16 April 2019

Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
room 0.06, Pasteura 5, Warsaw

Keynote speaker:
Andrea Simoni, Université de Rennes

Mateusz Borkowski, UMK
Marcin Gronowski, UW
Krzysztof Jachymski, FZ Jülich
Piotr Jankowski, UMK
Michał Hapka, UW
Maciej Kosicki, UMK
Iwona Majewska, UW
Daniel Pęcak, PW
Rafał Ołdziejewski, CFT PAN
Klaudia Zaremba-Kopczyk, UW

+poster session

Scientific organizing committee:
Michał Tomza, UW
Piotr Żuchowski, UMK

Info poster (download)


via e-mail to: michal.tomza@fuw.edu.pl
no registration fee, lunch and coffee break included with registration


10:30-10:45 – Welcome
10:45-11:30 – Andrea Simoni, Collisions in confined geometries with long-range interactions: theory and numerical modeling
11:30-11:55 – Krzysztof Jachymski, Precise Feshbach spectroscopy of cold atoms using tight (an)harmonic traps
11:55-12:20 – Maciej Kosicki, Interactions and Feshbach resonance spectra between weakly anisotropic lanthanides and heavy spin-singlet atoms
12:20-12:45 – Klaudia Zaremba-Kopczyk, Ultracold interactions and collisions in quantum mixtures of highly magnetic atoms and alkali-metal atoms


13:45-14:10 – Iwona Majewska, Theoretical description of the crossover from the ultracold to the quasiclassical regime of photodissociation
14:10-14:35 – Mateusz Borkowski, Searching for new physics with optical molecular clocks
14:35-15:00 – Marcin Gronowski, Ultracold interactions of alkali-metal and alkaline-earth-metal ions with spin-polarized metastable helium atoms
15:00-15:25 – Piotr Jankowski, Validity of the rigid-rotor approximation in precise description of properties of van der Waals complexe

coffee and poster session

16:30-16:55 – Michał Hapka, Symmetry-adapted perturbation theory for monomers described by multireference wavefunctions
16:55-17:20 – Daniel Pęcak, Pairing in the systems of a few ultracold atoms
17:20-17:45 – Rafał Ołdziejewski, A novel droplet-soliton phase transition in quasi-1D dipolar Bose gas

Paweł Arciszewski, UW, Towards single chamber cesium BEC
Mateusz Bocheński, UW, Compact laser system for experiments with isotopic mixtures of ultracold potassium
Jacek Dobrzyniecki, IF PAN, Dynamics of a few interacting bosons escaping from an open well
Jakub Dobosz, UW , Towards non-destructive heterodyne atom number measurement in an ultracold cesium and potassium mixture
Jacek Gębala, UW, Cold interactions and collisions between helium ions and metastable helium atoms
Katarzyna Jakubowska, UW, Relativistic four component DFT and CC calculations of potential energy curves of Zn2, Cd2 and Hg2 dimers
Tymon Kilich, PG, Rovibrational predissociation dynamics of the diatomic alkali molecules
Adam Koza, UW, Towards quantum mixture of ultracold polar and paramagnetic NaLi molecules and Na atoms
Katarzyna Madajczyk, UMK, Benchmarking database for open shell systems
Michał Śmiałkowski, UW, Ab initio electronic structure of the Sr2+ molecular ion
Marta Sroczynska, UW, Trap-induced shape resonances in an ultracold few-body system of atom and static impurities
Dariusz Wiater, UW, Spin dynamics in ultracold collisions between Yb+ ion and Li atoms
Paweł Wójcik, UW, Interactions of benzene, naphthalene, and azulene with alkali-metal and alkaline-earth-metal atoms for ultracold studies